Do you believe all students deserve to be heard and challenged in class discussion?

We do. That's why we built R.E.A.L.®

R.E.A.L.® partners with independent schools and equips Humanities faculty with a framework that empowers all students to find their voice in academic discussions. Our methods are research-based, tech-lite, and time-tested: yet, recent social media movements highlighting students' experiences feeling unheard in our classrooms make our mission more urgent than ever.  

We offer hybrid PD, classroom materials, and a practitioners' network - all of which have been designed by and for independent school educators. 

We aren't looking to encroach on teacher autonomy and we generally hate buzzwords. However, we do believe deeply in DEI & CBL  - and that the best of both combine to make discussion more equitable and more rigorous. Ultimately, we just want to help Gen-Z students access the deeply human experience of great discussion: the kind where every voice is heard and every student is challenged to grow. 

R.E.A.L. has a track record in diverse independent schools.

Our sweet spot:

R.E.A.L. advances school-wide initiatives around DEI and inclusive pedagogy, but the magic happens in humanities classrooms, grades 7-10. R.E.A.L. "demystifies" skills students need to be successful in upper level, seminar-style courses.

Our teachers:

Every teacher who has used R.E.A.L. reports it makes discussion "more equitable" and "more rigorous." 96% report a direct impact on analytical writing. As one says: "With R.E.A.L. I know I will hear every student - and she will be heard by her classmates - and that just never gets old."

Our students: 

The stats speak for themselves. After one semester: 98% of students say they are "confident speaking up" and 94% say they can disagree out loud with a peer. 96% can point to specific examples of their active listening. They even keep using R.E.A.L. even when it's not required!