MSON x R.E.A.L. Discussion

One-Day R.E.A.L. Discussion Intensive

For Humanities Teachers

It's time to empower ALL student voices in academic discussions.

June 22nd, 2021

11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. EDT / 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. PDT

Will include asynchronous + synchronous work over Zoom

At MSON and R.E.A.L.® Discussion, we believe it’s time to empower all student voices in academic discussions.

This summer, join us at a One-Day R.E.A.L. Discussion Intensive to equip teachers to do exactly that! 

This joint venture by MSON and R.E.A.L®. is a reflection of our shared belief in the necessity and power of a targeted intervention to equip faculty to raise all our students’ voices - whether discussion is taking place in a traditional or online classroom.

R.E.A.L.® is a method for "demystifying" student-led discussion that breaks discussion down into the basics: Relate, Excerpt, Ask, and Listen. It uses best practices from DEI and CBL to ensure every student feels heard and challenged.

The impact of R.E.A.L. is stunning - but those results are possible because of R.E.A.L. student course packs: a combination of an online orientation and printed R.E.A.L. portfolio that scaffolds students use of the method for an entire year. Schools who invest in training faculty in the R.E.A.L. method are committing to implementing the R.E.A.L. curricula in the 2021-22 school year. This requires an investment of $35 / student in addition to the PD fee. We know that's a big ask, and we are more than happy to share ways we have seen schools make it work. When it comes to teaching students how to have inclusive and rigorous discussions, the stakes are too high not to dream big! 

Through MSON, you will receive the following benefits in collaboration with R.E.A.L. Discussion:

  • One-Day R.E.A.L. Discussion Intensive: A one-day, blended (sync/async) workshop for middle and high school Humanities teachers to come together from a variety of schools to learn the R.E.A.L® method. Participants receive access to asynchronous course content, which does not expire.
            $250 per teacher (MSON Members)
            $325 per teacher (non-member Malone Schools)
      • Yearlong support and community: MSON may partner with R.E.A.L.® to develop topics of conversation, such as inviting fellows to share their learnings, using artifacts to stimulate conversation, as well as gatherings that guide practitioners through specific experiences, such as DEI practitioners.
        • Student materials: Our portfolio-based approach to assessing discussion is the “secret sauce” when it comes to how we make student-led conversation equitable, rigorous, and growth-focused. R.E.A.L.® Student Portfolios come with an Online Orientation, which makes the process of learning the R.E.A.L.® method student, rather than teacher, led (this is easier and more exciting for everyone!).
                  $35 per student for 21-22 school year*

        *Student materials are required for all students using R.E.A.L.® Discussion. MSON and R.E.A.L.® are deeply committed to equity and inclusion. If you require financial assistance, please contact

        Which teachers are best fit for R.E.A.L® Discussion PD?

        Type 1: 

        Humanities Teacher + (Aspiring) DEI Practitioner

        Type 2: 

        Teacher + (Aspiring) Faculty Coach

        Type 3: 

        Humanities Teacher + (Aspiring) "Student Life" Leader